2020! Cheers to health for you, your family, your friends, and your lawn!
2020! Cheers to health for you, your family, your friends, and your lawn!
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Iron Guard Plus
Green Life Turf

Iron Guard Plus

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Lawn Solutions Iron Guard Plus is a turfgrass-enhancing bio-stimulant that contains iron and amino acids, formulated to provide a boost in colour and turf strength. Iron Guard Plus will maximise turfgrass colour retention and promote lateral growth, making it ideal for improved winter dormancy transition.

You can apply Iron Guard Plus monthly when active growth is present or when nutrient
deficiency symptoms are visible to maintain even growth and colour for your lawn.


  • Colour enhancement
  • Increased lateral growth
  • Improved grass density
  • Quicker root growth
  • Improves dormancy transition

Pack Sizes

  • 2.5L Bottle

Approximate area of coverage

  • The 2.5L concentrate will cover up to 1,250m²


  • To apply to your lawn, mix 200 to 500mls of Iron Guard Plus with 7-10 litres of water for 100m2 of coverage.
  • The higher the rate used, the darker the colour will be.


  • If you are looking to use it for the first time or if you want to use it regularly as part of a lawn care program, it’s best to apply at a lower rate.

Make sure you apply Iron Guard Plus during the cool hours of the day, so early
morning or evening.

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