2020! Cheers to health for you, your family, your friends, and your lawn!
2020! Cheers to health for you, your family, your friends, and your lawn!
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Lawn Kelper
Lawn Kelper
Green Life Turf

Lawn Kelper

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Lawn Kelper Liquid Nutrient Package is a balanced formulation with the added
additions of Trace Elements, Seaweed Kelp and Fulvic Acid.

This formulation is designed specifically for turf/lawns to increase turf vigour and stimulate and strengthen roots and shoots. Ideal to use year round to keep your
lawn looking dark green and healthy.

Product Details

  • Nutrient rich to increase lawn health and leaf growth.
  • Strengthens turf resilience against disease and pest activity.
  • Organic kelp will stimulate roots and shoot growth.
  • Improves turf vigour and strength.


  • Exceed can be used on all grass types including kikuyu, couch, buffalo, zoysia and cool season varieties.

Pack Sizes

  • 2.5L Bottle

Approximate area of coverage

  • The 2.5L concentrate will cover up to 1,000m²


  • Best applied morning or afternoon.
  • Apply higher rates if you require quicker uptake and response.
  • Can be applied monthly all year.
  • Lightly water-in after application.
  • The 2.5L concentrate will provide up to1000m2 of lawn food.


  • Avoid applying to footpaths, driveways and other hard surfaces.
  • This product contains Iron and if not washed off immediately it can stain hard surfaces.
  • This product is safe to use in a domestic situation, around humans and domestic animals.

Kelp your lawn by watching this video by Lawn Solutions Australia


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